5 Day Guitar Making Courses

I offer an intensive, one on one, 5-day electric guitar making course. 

Currently, the shapes I teach are: Stratocaster (Hardtail bridge), Telecaster,  and Flattop Les Paul

Cost: £900 (Includes all materials needed, but does not include pickups or case)

The days can be split up over the course of 5 weeks or can be completed in 1 week

What to Expect

Day One:

 - Health and safety 

 - Overview of machinery and tools
 - Join the body

 - Route truss rod and glue the fingerboard

Day Two:

 - Route all cavities on the body
 - Carve the neck

Day Three:

 - Continue carving

 - Finish body in the wood

 - Inlays

Day Four:

 - Fretwork

 - Fine sanding
 - Apply finish

Day 5:

 - Install components

 - Set up and testing


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