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About Cranmer Guitars

Established in 2018, all 'Cranmer Guitars' are made by myself - Isaac Kahir. I design, craft, and finish each guitar out of 'The Guitar Workshop,' a co-owned space between myself and Ian Dickinson.

Before setting up the workshop, I studied guitar making and repair at Anniesland and Newark college, where I graduated with Distinction. During my time at Newark, I explored different avenues of guitar making, from steel strings, classicals, electrics, and ultimately, archtops - which is now the main focus of my work.

The archtop interested me as it appears to be one of the more underdeveloped instruments in the guitar family. I've found that clients are usually enthusiastic about trying new ideas on their instruments, such as adjustable necks, sound- ports, and structured sides.

As well as making guitars, I also take on various repairs.


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