KPL5 #4 - X-Brace

This is the first KPL5 to feature an X-brace instead of the parallel brace the L5 originally came with. The resulting sound is full and mellow, which you can listen to here. Aside from the now-standard hollow bridge, it also features an ebony/aluminium tailpiece. 

Price: £4000 + shipping and handling

KPL5 #3 - Parallel

Made in tandem with KPL5 #4, this guitar was made to hear the differences between the two most prominent bracing systems: Parallel and X-brace. The design is essentially the same as KPL5 #1, but now features a fully hollowed bridge. Listen here!

Price: £4000 + shipping and handling

Cedar KPL5 #2- SOLD

After completing the first iteration of my KPL5 design, I wanted to explore how different woods can affect the guitar's tone. With this in mind, I settled on a one-piece Western Cedar top, as well as a one-piece Mahogany back. Some other upgrades also include a fully hollowed bridge and an ebony tailpiece. The result is - in my opinion - a sweet and warm sounding guitar.

Price: £4000 + shipping and handling

KPL5 #1 - SOLD

This instrument was completed in May 2020 and was made to be a blend of tradition and innovation. The design of the guitar was based on a 1934 Gibson L5 with the addition of the Ken Parker adjustable neck joint.

Price: £4000 + shipping and handling

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